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Darren M. Meade, resigned his lucrative, CEO position, upon learning of an automated cyber bullying campaign that would profit from children commiting suicide. He became a Investigative Blogger to launch an outcry to reveal the dangers of an Online Reputation Management syndicate which was featured  on Fox News.


In an effort to prevent further growth of the automated Cyber Bullying campaign, Darren M Meade,  provided an unedited  audio tape to Fox News which detailed one of several planning sessions prior to the launch of the automated cyber bullying campaign:


The Online Reputation Mangement group in an effort to obfuscate their actions had provided an edited version (removing their voices) of audio recording to news agencies and law enforcement in an effort to blame others for the very campaign they designed.

Darren M. Meade, testfied in 2011 and 2012, and was granted the opportunity to speak directly to the United States District Court Central District of California and address Honorable Cormac J Carney for No. SACR 07-00249-CJC at the sentencing hearing for the majority partners in Rexxfield which designed a fear based automated cyber bullying / defamation campaign which they named, Google-Cide. Darren M. Meade provided details of the organizational structure of the ORM entities and a two-step process of coupling the creation and posting of online defamatory materials in a fee-for-service of removing of the content from  websites and personal blogs Darren M. Meade's testimony provoked an order from the court for an evidentiary hearing.

Meade resigned in February 2010, after the company for which he was the CEO, had funds embezzled to launch a fear based marketing program called Google-Cide. The illicit SQL code which allowed unlimited automated defamation campaigns had been sold or licensed to the largest and censoring the internet, since 2007.

Darren M. Meade, provided explicit details of this enterprise (including contracts, emails, and  unedited audio recordings of planning meetings) to law enforcement. The coders whom wrote the injections SQL code have already begun spoilation of evidence to cover hide their hiring of the SQL coders since 2007. These people have edited audio tapes removing their voices and critical junctures and aligned themselves with advocay journalist.

The illicit hacking code has silenced victims world-wide by having their stories deleted on consumer advocacy websites, private servers, blogs and even tampered with juries on murder trials sending innocent people to prison. 


Darren M. Meade said once he discovered the technology was hacking and what its implications were, he made it his mission to warn the public about how this illicit hacking code would was censoring the internet and the two step process of defaming people and then extorting them for money. He also understood the institutionalized repertoire of serial defamation, vexatious litigation, and death threats have all be leveled against him in a futile attempt to force him to retreat from his stated goal.

Affiliates of Rexxfield sold fabricated data sets to attorney's attempting to either extort or sue Google in Australia. In April 2011, this group asked Google for a 'reward' to end the plot against them (which they called ethical hacking). The reward was offered to end the automated cyber bullying campaign which was driving the Reputation Management industry.

The Reputation Management sector is estimated to grow to $5 billion by 2015. That was enough of a draw to have nearly 3,000 affiliates utilize the fear-based marketing program mentioned above. The entities are licensed something in geek-speak called a SQL injection code. This particular variety was created to do a number of things, including de-indexing (hiding) specific pages from search engines.

The $5 billion in Reputation Management seems like a lot, but there are bigger plays involved and they have Google in their sight. That’s right—they plan to extort Google. The fear-based marketing program was predicated on casting Google in a false light, as they say on the audio recordings, they will make Google look like the Evil Empire.

They determined that the suicides will eventually cause a ground swell of anger toward Google. This will open them to further attacks by Google’s competitors, setting in motion the opportunity for these Reputation Management companies and rivals of Google to garner “expert witness fees” based on junk science by testifying in defamation lawsuits against Google. They have attorneys primed to file class-action lawsuits against Google, and these lawyers will pay a large portion of the settlement fees to the very rivals of Google whom are employing key members of the Reputation Management companies.

There same Reputation Management companies are extorting wealthy individuals into paying exorbiant "SEO" fees. The M.O. is to publish particulary pernicious demeaning allegations against wealthy individuals including merchant bankers, hedge fund managers, etc. Rexxfield and or its afflilates would pretent to be the 'good cops' and guarantee through SEO the negative materials would be removed from the Google search index very quickly, claiming they employed employees at Google. An alleged victim was "Gilled Herard Jr" of Capital Corp Merchant Bank.

UPDATE: Michael Roberts Rexxfield Mile2 filed a lawsuit to try and silence my whistle blowing. The original lawsuit is interesting because it actually proves the criminal actions of Roberts against multiple parties including Google.












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  • Managing Director at Kairos-Meade

    Own and operate an independent consulting company specializing in the delivery of a full-range of consulting services – strategic business planning and finance; corporate strategy and organizational design; marketing; market research and strategy. Identify and acquiring new business. Manage all aspects of the project lifecycle from scope of work through provision of deliverables; follow-up and relationship management for scaleable, long-term projects. Engaged by corporate and private clients representing a broad-range of industry sectors – pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, real estate, professional athletes, bottled water, purification, and emerging green technologies. Management Successes • Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist Key Client Acquisition • Create Revenue & Commercialize New Ideas - • Diverse Industry & Situational Experiences –

  • Interim Chief Executive Officer at Progenex

    In PROGENEX I found a company embroiled in vicious litigation. I was persuaded to re-enter the sports nutrition sector by way of PROGENEX when the board asserted that almost forty mid-western families had invested their life savings into PROGENEX, all of which was at risk due to the war of attrition that usually accompanies intense litigation. PROGENEX, was eight weeks away from being insolvent, the brand had never before been profitable. Given the dire circumstances a traditional marketing plan was not feasible. This challege was my primary motivation to take the helm at PROGENEX. I garnered new strategic alliances, created a word-of-mouth-marketing campaign and made the company profitable by tripling sales within 8 months. This included record sales in October, November and December, tradtionally are the slowest months of the year in sports nutrition. Management Successes * Took an embattled brand to profitability despite severe financial hardships and on-going litigation. * Tripled revenue within 8 months including the 3 slowest months traditionally within sports nutrition.

  • Director of Sales & Marketing at Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Company

    P and L accountability on all projects – reported to the Chief Executive Officer and investor group. Revised corporate strategy to leverage core competencies in the pharmaceutical; nutraceutical and contract manufacturing components of the Sun Ten Group. Served as company representative, liaison, and central point-of-contact for providing vital information, and resolving issues at multiple levels. Management Successes • Strategic Brand Management – Initiated, developed, and nurtured new leads to provide introduction into new markets and create additional sales revenues. Achieved 30% growth with the company. Accomplished marketing goals through comprehensive marketing, advertising, and branding plans. Directed PR marketing functions.

  • Partner / Vice President Business Development at MET-Rx

    Developed and executed business strategies, managed finance and operations, directed sales and marketing efforts and oversaw all general daily activities in addition to managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Management Successes • Strategy & Leadership Successes - Conceptualized development and execution of transformation of the company’s infrastructure, business model, product offering and marketing strategy – with positive impact on sales, operational performance and customer service during execution. • Business Development Results- Credited with personal development of the business model which created explosive growth – an increase of 3900% in 24 months. • Contract Negotiations Initiated contact with the largest distributor in the industry for domestic and international sales of nutritional products. This account became the single largest client of Met-Rx.

  • General Manager - Operations at Sun Mac Medical

    Accountable for all phases of personnel management of four separate divisions within the company – Monitored customer service levels, employees performance, and labor costs. Tracked and evaluated daily sales and liaise with key physicians and practices. Taught and facilitated communication skills; supervised up to 100 employees, including technicians, sales representatives, customer service and billing staff. Routinely represented the company at worker compensation hearings with regard to medical liens. Management Successes • Detailed Auditing Discovered thousands of overpaid payroll dollars by auditing payroll calculations for inaccuracies. This led to a complete overhaul of the payroll department • Sales Growth Increased sales in durable medical equipment. • Successful Negotiations Successfully negotiated medical liens on behalf of company with an average reimbursement of 76% of billable amount. Prior to my tenure the average reimbursement was 43%.

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Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, speak your mind, right to speak, civil liberties lawyer